THE COFFEE HIT STORY - Coffee lovers united

"Delivered at the absolute peak of freshness"delivering fresh roasted coffee beans Australia wide

We’re a group of Melbourne coffee enthusiasts who got together and came up with a timely idea. United in our love of the coffee bean we wanted to bring coffee from across the globe into the homes and offices of coffee drinkers Australia-wide. We wanted to obtain the best quality coffee beans available direct from the source and make it truly accessible to anyone to buy online, without them ever having to leave the home or office.


And so Coffee Hit was born

We're an online specialty coffee store with everything under our virtual roof. From the very beginning we ensured all coffee was delivered at the absolute peak of freshness. Delivery was always super fast. Unsurprisingly, our online store has been a massive ’hit’.

Find us around town

This was soon followed by the opening of our first store at a Westfield centre in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster. This was a groundbreaking event as it was the first time a coffee roaster was incorporated into a store fit out within a shopping centre cafe.