OUR organic & fair trade COFFEE

our Organic  Fair Trade Coffee beans for  plunger filter stove top percolator espresso"Best of all, our baristas love what they do"organic & fair trade coffee beans buy online or in store

organic & FAIR TRADE coffee beans

Our organic & fair trade coffee beans are the cream of the world’s coffee crops. It’s the coffee beans grown in the best terrain, best altitudes and processed and roasted with amazing care and diligence. Ours fall within the top 15 percentile of all coffee as evaluated by the world’s coffee experts. It’s not hard to see why we make this the coffee we serve in our stores and online shop; the same quality of coffee we’ve always sourced.

Life is too short for bad coffee

We expect a great deal from our organic coffee particularly in terms of taste and also knowing that it’s specialty coffee grade and so should our customers. We never disappoint. We invest a lot of time in training up our staff and focus on them being more than ‘coffee makers’; they are all professional baristas. There is a lot of experience and practice required for making great coffee and making it consistently good.

Trained Baristas

The best baristas are skilled at many things. They recognise quality coffee, they can assess flavour and aroma notes (much like a sommelier with wine), they know their way around the a espresso coffee machine because each coffee type requires its own suitable grind settings and extraction settings, they are adept at frothing a nice silky quality milk. Best of all, our baristas love what they do. They have many opportunities to train with some of Australia’s most successful baristas.

Our equipment is impressive

Not only do we train and nurture our baristas, we also give them the best coffee equipment to work with. We use only the most revered equipment in the industry in terms of coffee grinders, tampers and espresso coffee machines and so on. Our baristas also experiment with various other brew methods, such as the increasingly popular pour-over technique. This can be prepared using porcelain cone drippers, on their own or as a multiple brew over a brew bar, or with a Chemex coffee maker. They can also prepare coffee using siphon, aeropress or even cold drip.