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At CoffeeHit we get a lot of questions from people who buy our machines and our beans. If you have a question you need answers to - have a look at our FAQ below. If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us and we'll endeavour to find an answer for you.


How do I dispose of my capsules?

How do I maintain my machine?

I have coffee grinds in the cup. Why is this?

When the capsule is inserted it falls directly into the capsule holder. What should iI do?

The capsule ruptured. Why is this?

My machine is blinking and won’t make coffee?

Capsules do not eject automatically?

My coffee takes a long time to pour. Is that normal?

My machine is still dripping at the end of the extraction, is this normal?

My machine seems difficult to close, is this normal?

How do I make a double espresso?

How do I make a long coffee?

How do I make an authentic espresso?

What coffee should I choose?

How should I prepare my coffee?

What water should I use?

Where are your capsules made?

How do you ensure freshness?

How long can I store my HITS by Coffee Hit capsules?

Why is each HITS by Coffee Hit capsule packed in an individual bag?

Can HITS by Coffee Hit capsules damage my Nespresso®* machine?

Is the warranty on my Nespresso®* machine still valid if I use HITS by Coffee Hit capsules?

Are the HITS by Coffee Hit capsules also compatible with other systems and machines?

Which coffee machines can HITS by Coffee Hit capsules in?