OUR COFFEE - It all starts with the bean

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For coffee lovers across Australia

All self-confessed coffee lovers like the idea of enjoying a freshly concocted beverage made from a quality product, but how can you really know? To be honest, it’s quite difficult to know the coffees journey prior to it reaching the bag, or the cup. That’s why we do all the background work.

Above all else, we value quality

The quality of our beans is specialty grade. They are some of the best available. From visits to the farms where we source our beans, we know that after picking and hand sorting only good coffee cherries of the same amount of ripeness are processed together.

In fact, some growers of specialty coffee even go as far as to sort the cherries by size. Depending on the coffee varietal and where it’s grown, the best suited processing method is applied, be it natural, pulp natural or washed to remove the ‘skins’ and reveal the all-important bean from within. The timing of the processing is also paramount because the fermentation process begins as soon as the cherries are picked.

Variety is the spice of life

We have commitments with several farms on an ongoing basis. We also source one-off supplies of some lovely new season crops from time to time, allowing us to offer our discerning customers, both online and in store, some really incredible tasting single origins (meaning one varietal on its own rather than as part of a blend). As these single origins are seasonal, they are only available to us in small batch quantities but this provides coffee lovers with the opportunity to venture out and try something new in addition to their staple favourite.