In pursuit of the perfect coffee bean
“Our beans are in the top 20% of all coffee harvested.”

We continually search for the world’s best coffee beans from specialty coffee producers. To do so, knowledge of every aspect of the coffee process is necessary – from where it’s grown to how it’s processed, fermented and milled. Our talented roasters and baristas then perfectly roast and brew these exclusive beans for your drinking pleasure.

Our coffee is sourced for its specialty grade classification- this means our beans are in the top 20% of all coffee harvested

We know a lot about coffee beans

Our buyers regularly visit the farms at Origin and develop strong working relationships with the farmers. During these visits our guys tour the plantations where they learn about any new innovations introduced by the farmers. They gain an intimate knowledge of the processing methods. Apart from the region where the coffee is grown, the fermentation and processing method is one of the most important aspects of the entire process. It profoundly affects the flavour attributes of the final coffee product. This is why our buyers, who are also part of our roasting team, take a great deal of interest in the processing methods.

We test (and taste) all our coffee

Our roasters are experienced cup tasters (so not dissimilar to a wine taster or sommelier in the wine industry). They are skilled at analysing the sensory aspects of coffee, including taste and aroma through the cupping process and applying the outcomes to create balanced blends. Over the years, they’ve had plenty of practice! Our roast team also give our growers feedback and suggestions that can result in improved crop outcomes or processing methods, providing us with a better product and ensuring that the growers are well remunerated. It is common practice that specialty coffee farmers are paid higher than the industry average. For that very reason roasters, brokers and buyers of specialty coffee build relationships that sustain a better coffee product.