Brazil Irmas Pereira

    Brazil Irmas Pereira

    Single Origin of the Month 500g

    Country: Brazil
    Cupping Notes:  Creamy milk chocolate, toasted almonds, sweet honey nougat with subtle notes of mandarin. 
    Varietal: Bourbon, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Catuaí Catucaí
    Process: Pulped Natural
    Elevation: 1,300 m

    Irmas Pereira or ‘Pereira Sisters’ Estate, formerly known as Fazenda Serrado, is perched in the high mountains of the South Minas Water Spa Circuit, near the towns of Lambari, Carmo de Minas and São Lourenço. The 300 acres of Pereira Estate bring together all the fundamentals for great coffee: altitude, climate and personal dedication. The 250 hectares cultivated with the Bourbon, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Catuaí and Catucaí varieties are planted in fertile mountain soil at altitudes ranging between 1,000 and 1,300m. This high altitude favours a slow ripening of cherries and allows for selective picking, which are decisive factors to producing coffee of exceptional quality.

    The attention to detail of the Pereira family leaves a personal mark on the coffee produced by Pereira Estate. Their coffee beans are gaining widespread international recognition for their exceptional quality. In 2002, Pereira Estate was one of the winners in the Cup of Excellence coffee quality competition.

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