Ethiopia Duromina

    Ethiopia Duromina

    Single Origin of the Month 500g

    Country: Ethiopia
    Cupping Notes:  Lime, juicy green apple, peach tea and almond with medium acidity and a silky mouthfeel. 
    Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
    Process: Washed
    Elevation: 1800 - 1950m

    The Duromina Cooperative is located in the southwest of Ethiopia in the Oromia state. The Cooperative encompasses approximately 1,600 small holder farmers that grow coffee to generate most of their income; many also intercropping various foods and animals.

    With approximately 730 hectares of land dedicated to producing coffee in the area, the wet mill processes around 300 tonne of coffee cherry each season. Farmers harvest the coffee from their small plots which are grown under the shade of indigenous Acaciá trees. There is no use of agrochemicals during the farming stage, making their produce completely natural and the wet mill is fed by gravity from a nearby river. The pulp created during the processing is blended with soil to create compost and be used as fertiliser.

    The region's farmers deliver picked fully ripe cherries to the coop's wet mill where the red cherry is then soaked and floated to sort the differing densities prior to processing.

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